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Wide Bubble Wrap 100 Metre Roll - 75cm Wide

£ 100 metres


We provide great value in this extra long and extra wide roll. Cheaply wrap all your larger household and home office items with ease and keep them safe dring the move and easy to unpack at your new home. 75cm is to 2ft 5.5 inches making this roll ideal for protecting small TVs and bulky or delicate items, especailly electricals.


The wide bubbled sheet easily wraps and protects from knocks and scratches TVs and display screens, PC Towers and laptops, keyboards and printers, the arms of furniture, larger framed pictures and mirrors, white goods such as fans, fridges and washing machines.

You can secure loose ends of wrap with clear or FRAGILE packing tape.


Next working day delivery to London and mainland UK.

Wide Bubble Wrap Roll 75cm
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