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Paper Armchair Covers

Sofa Covers & Protection
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Heavy Duty Armchair Cover

Strong, 4 Ply paper armchair cover protection for moving or storing armchairs.

£ each

Dimensions: 140cm x 100cm x 100cm

  • Designed for maximum protection against damage and dirt during removals or storage
  • Recommended for high quality armchairs, light colours, difficult removals situations, international removals and when storing chairs
  • The breathable papers prevents moisture build up and sweating within the bag which can result in mildew
  • The generously sized cover will fit most armchairs
  • The all round protection can be taped close to the base to keep dust and dirt off leather, suede, fabric and other materials
  • Moving an armchair during removals becomes easy and low risk

Technical Specifications

Internal Dimensions
















  • Dependable, heavy duty bag cover to envelope over armchairs
  • The rapid slip-on design is secured using brown tape or webbing
  • The ideal protection for luxury and valuable armchairs
  • Ideal furniture storage protection - high quality, breathable materials ensure long life and
  • Protects armchair from dirt and dust during packing, removals and transit or storage
  • Manufactured from kraft papers to strong 4-ply cover to maximise durability and chair protection. Outer cover is 90gsm yellow kraft paper; inner 3 sheets are 40gsm papers for protective padding
  • Kraft grade papers do not degrade rapidly as many non-kraft papers do
  • Deep pleated sides open to improve fitting and minimise stress on the individual cover seams.
  • Stiched sides for strength, and bonded 4 ply side edges to prevent fraying or tears
  • Designed for professional and DIY house removals
  • Professional removals supplies. Identical covers are supplied to removals companies!

Recycling Information

The paper armchair cover is a natural product, manufactured from four, heavy duty kraft papers. The cover is reusable and fully recyclable and a green alternative to polythene covers.


Next day delivery.

How to Fit

  • Many armchairs have soft and padded arms, however wooden arms or metal legs are best served by taping a piece of bubble wrap to prevent puncture of the bag
  • If the back and seating cushions are detachable, turn these to face inwards to further protect the surfaces from any damage
  • The cover unfolds into a voluminous, pleated cover that simply pulls over the chair and can be secured at the base or around the skirt with brown tape or webbing
  • Lift the armchair directly when moving it, rather than through the cover.

For ALL armchair frames, coverings and fillings:

  • Wood framed
  • Metal framed
  • Natural leather covered
  • Armchairs upholstered in a blend of leather and fabric
  • Synthetic faux / mock leather covered
  • Fabric covered - wool, cotton, nylon and blends
  • Suede covered
  • Feather filled
  • Foam filled
  • Fibre filled

Fits ALL armchair designs:

  • Recliner - with folding leg extensions
  • Deeply padded and stitched designs
  • Reception sofas
  • Fireside chairs
  • Modern, retro, deco and nouveau designs

Enquiries:- 01924 869010