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Brown Packing Tape

Brown Adhesive Packing Tape
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Brown Adhesive Packing Tape

Adhesive brown tape for sealing the flaps of the boxes, bubble wrap, bags and covers.

£ each

Buy 6 and save.

£  6 Pack

Buy 36 and save.

£ 36 Pack

216 feet x 1 7/8"
66 metres x 46mm

Cheap prices for multiple rolls of essential tape. Use when assembling packing boxes and for sealing prior to moving and shipping. In the UK pressure sensitive tape (PSA) is also known as packing parcel tape.


Delivered next working day is standard.

Technical Specifications




216 feet


1 7/8"

66 metres



  • Professional removals supplies. The same tape is supplied to moving companies!
  • This is an continuous, strong and durable packing tape as used by professional home movers.
  • The single sided adhesive binds the tape to cardboard box bottom and top flaps providing structural stability.
  • The broad vinyl tape rolls are designed to resist stretching and tearing.
  • Also ideal for sealing bedding bags and furniture covers.
  • Boxes are easily opened using a blade to cut the tape that binds box flap to box side.

Recycling issues

Please see local guidelines for recycling information as tape may or may need not be removed from boxes prior to recycling. Local recycling facilities need to be equipped with separation devices to remove extraneous material.

Usage suggestions:

  • How to tape a box -
    • applying strips correctly will secure and strengthen the box base and top
    • fold the boxes 2 shorter bottom flaps towards the centre of the box
    • then fold the longer side flaps over the shorter, the strong flaps naturally lock to prevent distortion and bottom padding
    • stick the end of the tape 6" up the box sides and run the tape out along the touching edges of folded flaps
    • run an additional 6" up the other box side
    • run your hand over the tape to ensure contact of the pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) contacts and adheres to the cardboard
    • flip over the box, and once packed perform the same sealing operation to the top
    • when using our professional quality double walled removal boxes no additional sealing is required, boxes will withstand the usual removal stresses
  • With a Tape Gun -
    • the roll perfectly fits the tape gun which makes sealing boxes simple and quick
    • Tape guns hold the tacky, adhesive tape edge ready to stick on the next box
    • have a roller to help first apply the tape and unwind by pulling on the tape gun handle
    • the clear paddle secures the tape to the box before a wrist twist helps the metal blade cut the tape

Enquiries:- 01924 869010