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Box for Moving CDs and DVDs
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CD and DVD Packing Box

Strong cardboard box for packing or storing CDs and DVDs. Designed for transporting cd and dvd in cases when moving house.

£ each

Dimensions: L23 x W23 x H25 (cm)

Ideal for storage and archive use and keeping collections safe during moving and removals.


CD / DVD boxes are delivered flat pack and easily assembled. They come weatherproof wrapped in heat-sealed heavy-duty polythene to prevent damage.

Next Working Day delivery is standard.

Technical Specifications

Size of CD DVD Box

Internal Dimensions
















  • Professional removals supplies. These boxes are the same as supplied to professional removal companies!
  • Manufactured from strong, single wall corrugated cardboard to 125 grade kraft grade.
  • The box construction provides strength along the box length to protect cd/dvd cases in transit.
  • The flat box pack easily folds along fold lines and corners intersect to produce a sturdy box specifically designed for moving and storing CDs and DVDs.
  • Boxes are made from 80% recycled paper, and 20% pure 125 grade Kraft paper (not recycled) for the outer layer to make the box shower proof.
  • Water soluble, 100% bio-degradable, strong adhesive bonds the box seams to make the box is 100% recyclable.

Packing suggestions:

  • DVDs - packs (approx.) 27 DVD cases - (typical DVD film and game cases SEGA, Wii, XBOX) 3 along the bottom and 9 high
  • CDs - packs (approx.) 65 CD cases vertically
  • STORAGE - Ideal for keeping large volumes of music, can be arranged vertically.
  • ARCHIVING - Perfect for keeping computer backup CD and DVD archive disks

Indicator Label

Each box has a pre-printed DVD/CD label on the sides to indicate contents, and an UP arrow to indicate top.

CD DVD Storage Box
DVD CD Storage Box

Enquiries:- 01924 869010