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Fragile Labels

Fragile Packing Box Labels
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Label design may very

Fragile Packing Box Labels

Fragile labels provide a clear statement that helps insure that your boxes are handled with care.

£ roll

Useful for identifying boxes with delicate items such as wine glasses, wine bottles, food jars, delicate china or porcelain, crystalware, electrical goods.

The paper labels have a sticky contact adhesive and will adhere easily to our corrugated cardboard boxes.

Technical Specifications

  • Professional removals supplies. The same labels is supplied to moving companies!
  • White on Red Label
  • "fragile" printed in bold letters
  • Easy peel off waxed backing


Delivered next working day is standard.

Usage suggestions:

  • Apply to moving box sides and top
  • Use on boxes containing glass, crystal, crockery, porcelain, electrical goods
  • For international shipping

Enquiries:- 01924 869010