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Handy Wrapper

Handy Wrapper
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Handy Wrapper

Packaging film is used to wrap and bundle household items safely together before moving.

£ each

Dimensions: 100mm wide

The clear film quickly wraps around objects that are awkwardly shaped or too large for boxes. The integrated handle ensures easy handling whilst items are wrapped.

Technical Specifications




150 metres


10 cm

  • Professional quality supplies as supplied to removals companies!
  • Continuous, strong and durable packing film sticks to itself using molecular attraction
  • No adhesive and no residue left
  • Wraps awkward shapes and items can be collated for easy handling, loss prevention and protection when moving
  • Light weight, disposable cardboard roller that is on a dispenser handle
  • Dispense film from the underside as this helps control tension and with use

The film is also reliably strong and by wrapping spirally you can bundle heavy items such as garden tools safely.


Refills are available in boxes of 40.

£ x 40 refills


We dispatch for next day delivery to UK and London in weatherproof polythene packs.

Usage suggestions:

  • How to cling wrap -
    • Collate items such as garden tools, computing accessories, curtain runners, pairs of shoes, sports equipment, walking sticks, lamp stands, DIY tools
    • If necessary pad between items with bubble wrap to prevent abrasion
    • Dispense the film from the underside of the roll
    • use finger pressure to control out flow during wrapping
    • Tear the film using forefingers
    • Place a sticky packing label on the wrap to show contents and destination

Enquiries:- 01924 869010