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Tape Gun

Tape Gun for Packing Tape

Packing Tape Gun

Makes applying packing tape easy and quick. The tape gun dispenser eliminates working with awkward rolls of

£ each

Uses tape 46mm wide

Practically designed with tape control and ergonomics in mind, the gun can rapidly and precisely dispense adhesive tape onto boxes and cut the ends ready for next application.


Delivered next working day.


  • Used in removal companies, manufacturers, warehouses, dispatch departments the world over.
  • Our single sided polypropylene tape roll fits the gun.
  • Eliminates lost tape ends, twisted tape, need for scissors, damaged rolls
  • Strong design for home and commercial use.
  • Steel sided construction to prevent warping
  • Safety side guard to prevent blades protruding outside of side edges
  • Adjustable tape mount roller is to allow the operator to dispense the tape at a preferred pressure/rate
  • Sharp serrated steel blade to cut the tape neatly with a downward roll of the wrist
  • Non slip, pistol grip handle for comfortable use and pulling
  • Plastic application roller with molecular attraction property that holds the tape to the roller ready for application
  • Steel tape guide (sprung) to keep tape on the advancement/application roller ready to push and roll fix the next strip of tape
  • Clear, flexible plastic paddle to guide and firm on the tape to the surface as operator cuts the tape with a wrist roll
  • Professional removals supplies. The same tape gun dispenser is supplied to UK removals, shipping and postal companies!

Usage suggestions:

  • How to use a Tape Gun -
    1. Identify and pluck-out the tape end and have adhesive site pointing to handle top
    2. Push the packing tape roll onto the tape roller so it fits snuggly
    3. Draw out six inches of tape and guide it past the steel tape guide which is easily lowered
    4. Release the steel tape guide, this traps the tape and maintains correct tape tension and prevents the exposed tape twisting in on itself
    5. Pull out an additional length of tape out and pass it over the serrated blades. The tape naturally bends backwards and molecular attraction keeps the tape to the application roller
    6. The gun is now 'loaded', press the application roller (with tape covering) 6 inches up the box sides parallel with the box flaps to be sealed
    7. Roll the tape gun back and forth with light pressure to ensure the tape adheres to the box sides
    8. Pull the gun to unroll the tape over box corners, along the flap seam and down the other box side 6 inches
    9. bend your wrist and gun forward, this pushes the paddle forward which pushes the end of the tape to the box, whilst the serrated blade cuts the tape
    10. Your box is sealed!

    Do I need a Tape Gun?

    tape guns make for rapid, efficient sealing of boxes and a roll FRAGILE tape fits onto the main roller

    • Is it for me? We are often asked is it easy to use and do I really need a gun. The answer is a very probably yes to both. The gun takes seconds to add and feed the tape and tens of thousands of industrial packing operatives use these guns without problem. Your boxes will be neatly sealed and once unpacked you can re-use the gun for sealing the boxes again for storage solutions. As for speed, the gun eliminates the problems of lost ends and wasted tape that go to making moving house more of a chore.

Enquiries:- 01924 869010